State of the art analysis

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The described state of the art gives an overview of technologies and aspects that enable service oriented architectures engineering approaches, with the main focus on networked embedded automation systems. To establish an entire service oriented ecosystem, a broader range of technologies is necessary.

The chapters in the report summarize the relevant technologies and the engineering approaches and point out the relevance to ENTOC. Each chapter shows the characteristics of an individual technology and shows relations to research topics of ENTOC.

Chapter 1 introduces into the approach of Virtual Commissioning.

Chapter 2 is dedicated to mechanical models and identifies the required information for Virtual Commissioning from this perspective.

Chapter 3 is focused on existing description technologies. They will be considered as basis for the description of component and machine behavior.

Chapter 4 summarize the state-of-the-art of simulation tools .

Chapter 5 goes in detail for aspects of CAX tool chains.