Efficient and Iterative Development of Smart Factories

The main goals of the project are to develop standardized modelling strategies and to optimize the engineering tool chains used for complex production plants.

Increase efficiency, maturity and innovation in the engineering tool chain
by automated generation of virtual production systems



Engineering is probably the most time consuming part of innovation, which could be optimized by usage of virtual engineering and virtual commissioning tools. But since these technologies involve additional engineering efforts, it is important to lower these efforts

ENTOC Solutions

* Introducing multi-vendor model repositories for easy access to equipment component models
* Integrating feedback information from operation and maintenance phases into planning processes
* Specification and interpretation of standards based interoperable models and interfaces.


The approach involves development of extensions on existing engineering tools (like CAD, ECAD and control programming tools), simulation tools and the development of server-based model distribution systems.

The team

The consortium, spanning the complete value chains within car/truck production and machine building domains, has the power to push the ENTOC concepts towards all the relevant pillars of the business value chain – even setting standards.

The Consortium



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